Halflings inhabit the desert caves in the Duchy of Sondassa and only refer to themselves as The Ibod. A terse race, halfling find it difficult finding members of other Duchies that they respect. They view most other races as ‘soft’ and the only non halfling known to become a member of the Ibod is Duke Voragate. It is rumored that there are Sand Scorpion riders in the deeper parts of the desert.

Halflings are the same as the PHB with the following changes:

  • Halflings also get a + 2 to Wis.
  • The character can pick between a – 2 in Cha or a – 2 in str.
  • Halflings gain a + 2 to Craft (Alchemy) if they have any ranks. (Skill cannot be used untrained.)
  • All Halflings are proficient with the Kukri.
  • When determining age, halflings begin traveling and adventuring at the ages indicated in the PHB but they live as long as most elves.
  • Favored Class is either Fighter or Priest, picked at 1st level.

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