The Acolytes are a sect of warrior-priestesses that help rule the desert regions inhabited by the Ibod. These women work and train to merge mind and body into a unified whole, in the hopes of one day attaining the level of Reverend Mother. They are generally monk/clerics and almost exclusively women. Outsiders know very little of these women, which has led to some people referring to them as ‘witches’. The Ibod hold them in very high esteem and are often advisers to the chiefs or high ranking generals. There are Reverend Mothers all around the kingdom and Acolytes are considered their trainees. When asked, ‘They live to serve…’

Prereqs: Able to cast 2nd level Divine spells, Improved Unarmed strike and Evasion. Player must be asked by a Reverend Mother to join. Female is preferred.
Skills: Acolytes gain 4 + int modifier in skill points per level.
Class Skills: Balance, Climb, Concentration, Craft, Diplomacy, Escape Artist, Heal, Jump, Knowledge (Arcana), Knowledge (History), Knowledge (Religion), Knowledge (the Planes), Perception, Perform, Profession, Sense Motive, Spellcraft, Stealthy, Swim and Tumble.
HD: d8 + con

Level Fort Reflex Will Special Abilities Spells
1 0 0 0 Monk Abilities, Combined Combat
2 0 0 0 + 1 Divine Spellcasting Class
3 1 1 1 Elemental Strike, Iron Will
4 1 1 1 + 1 Divine Spellcasting Class
5 1 1 1 Elemental Strike, Great Fortitude
6 2 2 2 + 1 Divine Spellcasting Class
7 2 2 2 Elemental Strike, Lightening Reflexes
8 2 2 2 + 1 Divine Spellcasting Class
9 3 3 3 Elemental Strike
10 3 3 3 Deadly Strike + 1 Divine Spellcasting Class

Combined Combat: When the Acolyte advances in levels she does not gain a specific base attack bonus. Instead she adds her monk, cleric and Acolyte levels together and uses the monk’s attack bonus chart in the PHB. For example a 3rd level monk/2nd level cleric/1st level Acolytes would have a +4 BAB instead of a +3 she would have from multiclassing.

Monk abilities: The Acolyte add their monk, cleric and Acolyte levels to determine AC bonus, Unarmed Damage and Flurry of Blows bonus. She gains no other additional Monk abilities.

Spells: At every even level the Acolyte gains a caster level in Cleric. She gains all the spells that she would if she leveled but without other cleric abilities.

Elemental Strike: Starting at 3rd level and every odd level after that the Acolyte can select one of the following abilities:

  1. Fiery Hands As a standard action the Acolyte can cause her unarmed attacks to do and extra 1d6 fire damage.
  2. Hands of Ice As a standard action the Acolyte can cause her unarmed attacks to do and extra 1d6 cold damage.
  3. Hands of the Storm As a standard action the Acolyte can cause her unarmed attacks to do and extra 1d6 electricity damage.
  4. Acidic Touch As a standard action the Acolyte can cause her unarmed attacks to do and extra 1d6 acid damage.
  5. Stone Hands The Acolyte’s unarmed attacks are treated as adamantine. Thus the Acolyte ignores harness and damage reduction against adamantine.
  6. Force Push The Acolyte can push her unarmed damage to distances far away from her. As a standard action the Acolyte can make a ranged touch attack against an enemy within 60 feet. This attack deals the standard unarmed attack but with no additional damage. This is a force effect.
  7. Bursting Touch This is only available at 9th level. They gain extra benefits with all the current Elemental Strike abilities they currently have. The Acolyte treats 1-4 as a burst weapon(I’m simplifying :~). 5 – The Acolyte gains DR 2/. 6 – The Acolyte can increase this distance to 120 feet.

Iron Will: At 3rd level the Acolyte gains Iron Will as a bonus feat.

Great Fortitude: At 5rd level the Acolyte gains Great Fortitude as a bonus feat.

Lightening Reflexes: At 7rd level the Acolyte gains Lightening Reflexes as a bonus feat.

Deadly Strike: At 10th level the Acolyte becomes an even more deadly warrior. The Acolyte gains Improved Critical (unarmed strike). If the Acolyte already has Improved Critical, than this ability will increase the crit modifier to x3 with unarmed strikes.

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