Sondassa Unification Festival

25 years ago the Duchy known as Sondassa was a mildly fertile area on the edge of a great desert. The only people in the Kingdom of Mindosia that bothered to go there were outcasts and the nomadic dwarven barbarian tribes. It was a frontier that no one of importance considered worthy of permanent settlements until General Voragate.

The dwarf had risen up the ranks, leading men from the four duchies in Mindosia at the time, had fought off their many enemies. Proving himself a good military leader and better administrator, he asked King Sydosi for some soldiers for an expeditionary force in the lands to the west. Less than a year later he and the several people that went with him determined that the lands would be a great addition to Mindosia.

Having already been populated by indigenous Mindosians, it would be an easy transition. The only other people were a collection of small desert settlements of people even shorter than dwarves. It was the first time Voragate had encountered anything resembling humans that size. The only others being the kobald race that were slaves of the goblins and orcs in the north.

These halflings were not slaves. Voragate spent a lot of time trying to make sure they weren’t killed by these little warriors. Incredibly protective of themselves and their language and culture, they were very enigmatic but honorable. In all his dealings, they never appeared to lie but weren’t always forthcoming in their answers.

General Voragate spent most of the time in this area as a diplomat instead of using the small army that he was sent with. He encountered a few small skirmishes but after only a couple years he had the lands firmly in control and worked out a peace agreement with the halflings. They agreed to work with the new duchy but under one condition: they would only work with Voragate and would accept no other ruler.

So Voragate became the fifth duke in the Kingdom and Sondassa was born…

That is the basic background you will be working from. It has been 25 years since Sondassa has been officially formed and you are all there for the festival of unification. You do not need to come from Sondassa but you will be in its capital at the start of the campaign.

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