Rules Changes


  • Perception: This will replace Spot and Listen
  • Stealthy: This will replace Hide and Move Silently
  • Craft/Profession skills
    • Letting you know these skills are mostly useless unless you have a specific use you want for them.
    • Examples:
      • Profession Sailor: If you want to know how to sail a boat. Most people don’t have this knowledge.
      • Craft Alchemy: We will be adding Alchemy Recipes


  • Dodge will now give a +1 AC against all opponents. It is a pain to keep track of the one enemy that you use it for.


I am thinking about making magic generic so that characters can pick from divine or arcane magic. If we have a cleric in the party we will have to work out some rules for available spells. (Talk to me if that is what you want to do.)


To be done when we are together:

  • Everyone will roll 4d6 and keep the 3 highest.
  • Stats will be slightly adjustable
    • Players can subtract one point from up to two stats.
    • Players can add subtracted points to one or two stats.
    • Stat cannot be more than 18 to start.
    • Unless more than one 18 is rolled, you cannot have more than one 18.
  • Racial modifiers will be added after.

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Rules Changes

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