Rules Changes


  • Perception: This will replace Spot and Listen
  • Stealthy: This will replace Hide and Move Silently
  • Craft/Profession skills
    • Letting you know these skills are mostly useless unless you have a specific use you want for them.
    • Examples:
      • Profession Sailor: If you want to know how to sail a boat. Most people don’t have this knowledge.
      • Craft Alchemy: We will be adding Alchemy Recipes


  • Dodge will now give a +1 AC against all opponents. It is a pain to keep track of the one enemy that you use it for.


To be done when we are together:

  • Point Buy of 23
    • One to one point buy.
  • Stat cannot be more than 18 to start.
  • Racial modifiers will be added after.

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Rules Changes

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