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King Sydosi is the Human leader of Mindosia. He is the also Duke of Frichosia. It is a land on the eastern edge of Mindosia and is next to the ocean. It is the main port area and is quite wealthy. Mostly human live here but there are many others as this is the current seat of power in Mindosia.

Duke Voragate is the Dwarven leader of Sondassa. Sondassa is mostly plains and desert and still relatively new by the standards of the country. The desert is to the west and is unknown what is beyond it. Most people that live there are dwarven barbarians as well as many outcasts from other lands. It is the most versatile and the most ‘back woodsy’. Pretty much any character you create could be from here.

Duke Rajyras is the elven Duke of Jiskadar. Jiskadar mainly made up of southern forests. They are a well-ordered, religious society. Very few non-elven people live there and most are either diplomats posted their and their families, as well as traders. The elven people are refined and don’t tend to like ‘rough’ people. Manners and respect are paramount.

Duke Rezohodo is the Minotaur Duke of Undjask. Undjask is the northernmost duchy and spends a lot of time defending Mindosia from the orcs throughout the mountain areas. The people here are tough and known for being great warriors. They enjoy the fighting and are often given weapons and armor from the other duchies in order to keep peace everywhere else. Minotaurs rule but many people end up there. Soldiers, idealists and people that enjoy fighting are drawn there defend the lands.

Duke Anahad is the Gnomish Duke of the land of Iskast. Iskast is a small duchy to the north east. It is the smallest of the duchies but also the wealthiest. There are a string of gem mines that are isolated from everywhere else and it is also quite difficult for the orcs to get to. This land is also known for crafting the strongest arms and armors. Many end up on the minotaurs for their defense.

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