Dwarf, Barbarian


Nyta was born in the Northern outskirts of Iskast. Her father abandoned her during childhood and mother was killed in battle with Orcs, over a hundred years ago. Nyta spent nearly a century drifting in a band of mercenaries lead by her obscene and cruel Uncle Orsen. During this dark period in her life she met and partnered with Thorburn. Thorburn is only half dwarf. His father Ramen was a human and a well known Druid and Alchemist.

After being on the right side of the unification wars. Thorburn convinced Nyta they could live a quiet life with Ramen in the deep woods of Sondosa. Life in the woods was not always easy for Nyta, she was restless. She often got into petty fights and spent weeks at a time hunting the wild bears and wolves that roomed the woods. Yet despite the challenges, Nyta considers her time in the woods as the happiest of her life.

A few decades after their arrival, Ramen died of old age. He bequeathed his son alchemy practice and an intricately carved walking stick used in druid rituals. Thorburn taught Nyta how to make poultices and other healing remedies, but Nyta was impatient and wouldn’t apply herself to the study.

However, she was interested in the Druid religion particularly the blood sacrifices to Artan the Great Bear. Nita believed that if she captured Artan’s spirit that she become one with Him. She routinely spent her days trying to lore Artan to his death.

One day she went too far. She captured a bear cub and brought it back the cave behind the home she shared with Thorburn. She held the cub captive, and taunting Artan to come. Artan did come and a fight ensued. Sadly Thorburn was caught in the crossfire and killed. In a rage, Nyta killed the Great Bear. She skinned him and to this day she wears his head and hide. She attached Artan’s claw to druid’s stick and uses it as a scythe in battle.

When all was said in done, Artan’s spirit did not inhabit Nyta. She was left alone and bitterly aware how her hubris lead to Thorburn’s death. She drank herself into poverty and was forced to leave the woods in search of employment and redemption.



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