Land of Mindosia

Mouth of the Cave
Freeing the new people

Your captive reluctantly leads you through the cave warrens. You realize that it would be quite easy to get lost of years down here and are happy you have a guide, even a lousy one. After several hours of walking you find a cave to rest for most of the evening. The Drow did attempt to escape once when it was found that she had a small dagger hiding on her body. You are all able to rest despite the weird noises you hear throughout the night.

Hours into the next day the woman shows you the direction to the cave entrance. You see light coming from the cave but she stops and asks to be released.

To Numenaria, in undercommon, ‘I have done as you asked. Will you do the honorable thing and let me go? You know my people don’t do well with the sun.’

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In the Beginning…

You will be starting at the unification festival. See the Home Page
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