Land of Mindosia

Gods and Daggers

The party left Kachochan and found themselves traveling again on horseback towards Warasia. Ash had convinced his friends that helping his people may help to lead towards some answers about the various attacks around Mindosia. So the party set off.

While in the small town of Ballybre, the group was approached by some odd looking fellows claiming to look for a dagger. They were determined that Valgis had the dagger and offered a large sum of money to take it off her hands. Valgis rejected the offer and the odd men, who appeared reptilian and wearing the pendants of Vecna, left with a bit of a warning.

On the road the group was attacked by two of the men. But with the help of Ash’s friend, Boldor, in bird form, the men were dispatched by the group. So they continue their ride to Warasia with a couple more questions on their minds.

Escape and Defend

The group stole a submarine, escaped, and traveled under the water past a lot of the mountains. After being attacked they were taken from some Yuan Ti, where they were helped by a no named woman to escape. After several days, and fights, in the caves they found a group from Kachochan. Once there they discovered there was an army outside their gates.

Meanwhile Ash was dealing with the destruction of his people and an attack on Warasia.

They met up again in a fight for Kachochan. After defeating several creatures they went to the defense of DUKE REZAHODO! Enemies were killed and the Duke was rescued but with some issue that has caused him to remain unconscious.

After a difficult meeting with Cheolian ambassadors the group is set to go off adventuring again…

City of Orden/Forest Zombie Attack

The party made it to the city of Orden and discovered that the city has had a number of attacks over the past couple weeks. The party discovered and house of murdered people. After encountering a man claiming to be the murderer, they took him into custody. They left him with the city guards and left on the road north.

The road lead into a forest. After the better part of the day the group started feeling strange but night started to fall. In the middle of the night a massive zombie army attacked. Horses and other guards were slaughtered during the escape. The group moved away from the zombies with only one guard left over, seven horses, and a cart.

Mouth of the Cave
Freeing the new people

Your captive reluctantly leads you through the cave warrens. You realize that it would be quite easy to get lost of years down here and are happy you have a guide, even a lousy one. After several hours of walking you find a cave to rest for most of the evening. The Drow did attempt to escape once when it was found that she had a small dagger hiding on her body. You are all able to rest despite the weird noises you hear throughout the night.

Hours into the next day the woman shows you the direction to the cave entrance. You see light coming from the cave but she stops and asks to be released.

To Numenaria, in undercommon, ‘I have done as you asked. Will you do the honorable thing and let me go? You know my people don’t do well with the sun.’

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